Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fancy Fold Card

I'm not sure what to call this card as the one I found wasn't in English!
I was surfing on Pinterest one day and found an amazing card!! Of coarse I re-pinned it for later cause I had to give it a try myself. The only problem is, its in another language and the measurements are in cm instead of inches. I really wanted to try the card so I printed out her template and tried to convert cm to inches. I made a card with my dimensions and I am fairly pleased with it.
I tried to go fairly simple on the front as the inside is a little bulky. I used a Mojo Monday sketch for the inspiration on for front of the card.  Sketch 319
For the inside I pretty much used her layout but just used different paper.  I am in the Holiday spirit so really wanted it to be a Christmas card.  I haven't used the specialty paper in the Winter Frost Specialty DSP yet so thought it would work perfectly.

She had a template designed, but of coarse it was in her language and in cm. I think I would like to make more of these cards sometime so I wanted to make it easy on myself and not have to go through the whole thing every time.  I used her template and just redrew it and used inches for the measurements.
*** This is not my design, it belongs to someone else! I just redid it in English so it was easier to make more cards as beautiful as hers :)  Visit her blog and see just how beautiful the original card really is!!

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