Saturday, June 7, 2014

June's Door Prize

I am really excited for this months Card Club because it will be the first time doing it at my house. I cleaned up an end of my basement and we are going to do it there. It will be so much easier doing it at home, I tend to forget things and even thought it was only next door. It was a royal pain in the you know what to go get what I forgot.  I hope it isn't to crowed down there but I guess we will see!
I don't have the cards yet but I have the Door Prize all done!
Wallet Style Smash Book

I had found a video on Youtube on how this amazing project was done!  I like to have printable instructions so I used the measurements she had for the main wallet and I added the measurements I used for the tags in the wallet and used my pictures. I will add my instructions and hopefully you can print them for yourselves. 


  1. Hey Tamara,
    This is really awesome! However when I try to get your instructions it wants permission/access to a Google Drive????

  2. Hi there!! I came from StampinConnection…requested access thru the button…hope we can find out how to make this beauty. Many blessings!

  3. Hi, Ditto to Jessica's comment! This is awesome, your girls will be wowed and each wish they had their own! Thanks for sharing!! ~ Donna

  4. The instructions should now be easily accessed from here now that I figured out how to make it public.