Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration

As I was looking on Pinterest one day I was totally inspired!
Normally I really don't do much for any other occasion other that Christmas, I Love Christmas!

There was a ton of "Picked For You" posts for Valentine Cards. I totally went to town and did a bunch of cards, of coarse I CASed them for the pics that I saw. I changed a few things whether it be the colors, a different product or added a little something. For the most part they are very much the same. I don't want to take anything away for the original so I will link it so you can see it too :)  I guess it could already have been a CAS so the link will be to the card I used as my inspiration to doing my versions of each card. 

For the first card with the star, the original was in another language so it could have originally been an Anniversary, Wedding or Valentine's Day Card. I really liked it and being as it is a very simple and easy card to do, loved it as a Valentine Card. See the Original Card now.

I guess what really drew me to all the cards is that they are all so simply beautiful!
As is the second card I did. The layout is the same but I used the newest heart punch and embossed them with glittery embossing powder. It is possible that it is a slightly different color as well, I used Real Red in my version of the card. See the Original Card now.

                               Card #3 Original seen HERE                                       

Card #4 Original seen HERE

This little cutie with the turtle on it is mine :)  I saw the little stamp in my collection and thought I would do this cute little card. I wasn't sure about it but it was the one that was taken first so I guess it wasn't to bad lol ;)
The card with the 2 hearts just has a color variation from the Original Card. I like the bright colors and lots of colors. I like to have more than one color so I changed it up a bit, Original seen Here 

I really liked the idea of this one but I changed a few things and added some little hearts. The more I see this one, the more I like it :)  See the Original HERE

I had a blast making all these cards and I hope you enjoy doing the same thing I did. I would be honored to have someone get inspired for something I did or from the ones I got inspired from. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentine's Day Door Prize

Well... I have been very slack but I'm going to be on it for 2016!

I really enjoy creating thing from products around the house. Especially if it looks as cool as this project!!

This is an old epicure jar that I got sea salt in. I have done up a couple different ones over
the years but this is the most recent one :-D

Find this and all of my other projects and cards on my board on Pinterest,