Monday, February 15, 2016

Easter Treats

This is the first time I have made this many of anything!
I saw these really cute treat holders on Pinterest and I instantly wanted to do them for my group. I only have 8 in my little group so I did a couple extra and did 10.
I found the instructions very easy to follow but changed them just a little. Find them HERE on  Mary Fish's webpage.

They are just darling!

I needed to borrow a few things from my Stampin' Up upline cause I didn't have the right supplies, thank goodness she has everything ;-)
So of coarse she wanted to see what I was making, I sent her a picture and she asked if I would do some for her. They weren't a lot of work so I said sure!

Then I recruited my daughter because she had decided that she would like to give some to her co-worker because they were so cute.

Then my upline thought it would be nice to have a few extra on hand, she could give as thank you gifts and such things as that. I also then decided to do a few extra as a friend that is in the group thought she might like to get one for her son. Thank goodness I had already recruited my daughter because when it was all said and done we had make 70 of these cute little Easter treat holders!

I also found a really cute and simple basket idea on Pinterest, I did one for the groups door prize and did another to give to my daughter Easter Sunday. This pic is the one I am using as the door prize
Nothing extravagant but a great prize to win, some chocolate and a free movie rental... Perfect!
The instructions for this cute little basket were also found on Pinterest but here is a link the webpage & instructions that I used to make my basket.

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