Wednesday, March 9, 2016

February's Club Cards

I have to admit I fell behind a bit! I haven't posted February's club cards yet because our weather has been nice for a few days so I had to go out and play :-)
I go out and get the drain on the corner open so there isn't a huge lake. I live beside a seniors home so they are always trying to walk downtown and having a puddle on all 4 corners makes it rather difficult for them to get anywhere. I try and keep my corner open for them :-)

Anyway, I was really happy with the cards for February. Everyone was really happy with how simple but nice they were. I made sure to ask everyone of they were happy with them and didn't find the cards we've been doing, too easy. They all said they were fine so I'm taking that as a No to being too easy ;-)

I am really pleased with this one and how it turned out. This is the first card I have used glitter with, I always just used Embossing Powder but I really like the glitter.
It is a CAS from Pinterest but I can't seem to find it again to show you the original, sorry!

This one is a Mojo Monday Sketch but I can't remember the number. It is from February 2016 but they don't have a link to the past in 2016 yet. I will edit this post when they get the site up to date.

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